Global Medical Center, a division of Chantilly Family Practice Center, provides specialized corporate health services that cover all aspects of stateside and overseas deployment and travel screenings, comprehensive evaluations and administration of CDC recommended immunizations.  Utilizing its formidable experience with Defense and State Department medical projects, Global Medical Center introduced dedicated health project management that offers a streamlined clearance process, HIPAA compliant electronic data delivery, and maximum candidate retention.  Our just-in-time medical services support a variety of federal contractors, subcontractors, and commercial entities.

Dr. Rajesh N. Mehra is Medical Director and Principal of Global Medical Center.  Dr. Mehra's tenure with state and federal medical projects span over two decades and have earned him a reputation of being dedicated and thorough, even in the most complicated cases.  Dr. Mehra's credentials include:


  • Diplomate of the American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP)

  • Board Certification in Family Practice (ABFP)

  • Board Certified, American Assocation of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO)

  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)

  • George Washington University, Associate Professorship

  • UCSIC designated civil surgeon

  • Medical Assistant Training Institute, Medical Director

  • Medical Society of Northern Virginia, Board Member

  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Northern Virginia Region), Board Member

  • On Staff at Fair Oaks Hospital, Fairfax Hospital, and Reston Hospital

  • Hands-on training on civilian deployment requirements at Fort Benning, Georgia


The Global Medical Center has performed more than 5,000 medical evaluatons  under Department of Defense and Department of State guidelines.  Global Medical Center provides dedicated project management with their certified project management staff to ensure efficient and fast processing.  Furthermore, Global Medical Center maintains special project processing areas, fully stocked CDC-recommended vaccines, and extended hours to accommodate same-day appointments and high-capacity requirements.